What Is Purpose & Personality?

Purpose & Personality is a cosmic lifestyle brand with a focus in personal and professional development. We believe in living a life of authenticity.  You spend a lot of time dedicated to your career and therefore it’s an important piece to your overall fulfillment in life. Here at Purpose & Personality we help you understand your greatest strengths and talents to align your career or new business  with who you truly are on a soul level. We combine practical knowledge with tools such as astrology, human design, and psychology to give you more clarity. Whether you are looking to transition jobs, start a new business, or are interested in learning more about your cosmic blueprint, we got you covered! Investing time in discovering more about who you are can shave months or even years off of the time needed to accomplish your goals and dreams!

Hi, I'm Bianca!

Hi, I’m Bianca!

Bianca Lenise, Founder

Hey there beautiful soul, I see you. You know you were made for more but you can’t seem to figure it out. You want to do something that you actually enjoy and that you’re passionate about.

Maybe you know your calling but you think it’s out of reach. Maybe you don’t know what’s next so it’s easier to stay where you’re at. Either way, I got you!

If you are ready to get unstuck and gain the confidence and clarity needed to lead you to fulfillment then you are in the right place!

What I Offer

Personalized Astrology Reports (Coming Soon!)

Your compass to guide you in the right direction. Choose from four different reports to give you the clarity that you are looking for in different areas of your life!

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Digital Products

Grab these helpful tools to help you navigate your career and/or business!

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1:1 Consulting

Book a 1 hour session with me to discuss your aligned career and/or business! This customized session will give you lots of insight and includes a cosmic clarity blueprint report which is a summary of our session for you to always have handy when you need a little clarity and motivation!

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